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Vlaardingen Shoe 800~1000

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Product Description

Based on the 9th-10th century model found in the archeological site at Vlaardingen, Holland. There are findings of this kind of shoe up to the 11th century (as can be seen in the York and Picadilly sites). Our version differs from the original with the adjustable cords that make the shoes more comfortable to wear.

Vlaardingen, Holland, (Het Waaigat site, 1991) Low cut shoe with decorated edge. 9th – 10th Century Parallel shoe from Gdansk, Poland (Wiklak 1960) Classified as a one piece upper with thong fastening.
Similar one piece upper shoes with thong fastening dated 11th Century in England, York and Piccadilly with distribution across northern Europe to Poland.  This shoe appears in Stepping Through Time, by Olaf Goubitz on page 139 figure 8a. and the shoe is typed and cataloged in the book titled 'Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York' by Quita Mould, Ian Carlisle and Esther Cameron.

For the best fit, please measure the bottom of a shoe or boot to find out your correct sole size or see this shoe size conversion chart for more details.

The wisth of the shoe is dependant upon size
255cm x 8cm
265cm x 8.75cm
275cm x 9cm

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