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Rondel Dagger narrow blade

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Product Description

Full tang multi-use dagger for the medieval re-enactor. Could be used in combat and is ready to go. This dagger features a circular (round) guard & pommel, wooden grip and full tang blade. Scabbard shown in picture is included.

The straight narrow blade would not have lent itself to a slashing or sabre action. Rondel daggers that were narrow were ideal in battle for puncturing chain mail, and although they would not have been able to punch through plate armour, they could be forced between the joints in a suit of armour and helmets. This was often the only way in which a heavily armoured knight could be killed.

Before year 1400, the daggers can be considered a townsmen weapon but with the arrival of the 15th C. it became very popular as a weapon for knights, nobleman and merchants. We can see examples of this kind of daggers in use per example in the Wallerstein codex, and also many pictorical references of other kinds.

Also known as misericordie (mercy) daggers, one of his uses is to give a merciful dead to the bad wounded. The stiff contruction and very sharp pointy blade let this weapon to pass trought the maille and armour.

Our rondel dagger is loosely based on a original from the 15th Century, with the same twisted handle shape. It is served blunt, and ready to be used in re-enactment and training.

Size Overall: 460mm (18")
Size Blade, 325mm (12.8")
Blade width: 15mm (Average only)
Weight: 460 grams

Please NOTE - This dagger has a rounded tip and is combat safe but the blade is very narrow.

Combat Rating = 10 of 10 

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