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Fiore dei Liberi 1409- Wrestling & Dagger

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Product Description

Fiore dei Liberi 1409- Wrestling & DaggerThis book, the first of three volumes, covers the Wrestling and Dagger techniques of Fiore Dei Liberi from the “Getty” version of the “Fior di Battaglia”. Included is a selection of the 'Pisani-Dossi' “Flos Duellatorum” dagger techniques.

All techniques are described in both English and German languages.

This is a step by step guide to the wrestling and dagger techniques of Fiore Dei Liberi using a new approach. Using a unique Timeline system, the photographs in the book detail the stages of each technique as they occur in time, with a separate close up focus on hand and foot movements, each positioned in the Timeline at the correct place. Additional pictures, with a different background colour, show the situation from the opposite side, clarifying the details even more. Included are floor grid lines so that foot movements can be easily followed at every stage. No more wondering where the feet have moved! 

Fiore dei Liberi 1409- Wrestling & Dagger
By adopting the Landscape format for the book the all the techniques flow along the Timeline from start to finish without the reader having to roam around the page to see where the technique is going and where the next stage is to be found. The whole book has been designed around the needs of the student who wishes to learn the actual techniques. This system allows the reader to follow the whole technique from start to finish and to learn it.

This book is full colour and has approximately 921 pictures and 208 sides sewn, hard back, protected paper designed to survive the hard wear and tear of the training hall!

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